Summer finale. Major Crimes hurtles forward toward the mysterious and elusive mastermind in the Dwight Darnell murders while Buzz and Rusty's investigation into the murder of Buzz's father comes to an unexpected end.

The Victim[edit | edit source]

Courtroom Shooting[edit | edit source]

  • Doctor Joe Bowman
    • Psychologist who evaluated Dwight Darnell and was called to testify on his behalf.
    • Shot once in the right shoulder, left leg and head on the stand.
    • Sole survivor of the shootout, but death faked for his protection.
    • Believed to be the target of the conspiracy as he was shot first instead of Simms.
    • Learned during an interview with Dwight about Jordan Graff and Dwight's claim that his father is the true power behind the Zyklon Brotherhood.
    • Reveals that Dwight started out claiming that his father was dead and then later calling his father a king.
    • Confirms that Erin Simms was the deputy in the room during his sessions with Dwight.
    • Targeted for knowing that Dwight's father was still alive.
  • Deputy Erin Simms
    • Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy controlling Dwight Darnell's stun belt.
    • Shot twice in the chest and killed after the stun belt failed.
    • Had an affair with Hai Sun who enabled and loaded Dwight's gun.
    • Has significant influence in the Zyklon Brotherhood.
    • Revealed to be a part of the conspiracy despite being a victim of it.
    • Ordered Dwight to kill Doctor Joe Bowman and Marco Calderon.
    • Murdered to cover up the identity of Dwight's father.
  • DDA Barry Rosen
    • DDA trying Dwight Darnell for murder and investigating the Zyklon Brotherhood.
    • Shot twice in the back and killed.
    • Believed to have been following up on Doctor Joe's notes on Dwight's father being still alive.
    • Murdered to prevent him from finding out the identity of Dwight's father.
  • Marco Calderon
    • Dwight's court-appointed attorney.
    • Shot once in the heart.
    • Part of the conspiracy.
    • Ordered Dwight to kill DDA Barry Rosen and Deputy Erin Simms.
    • Murdered to cover up the identity of Dwight's father.
  • Assistant Chief Russell Taylor
    • Assistant Chief of the LAPD.
    • Attempted to stop Dwight but failed.
    • Shot twice in the chest and died of his wounds despite the efforts of Doctor Morales.
    • Determined to not have been a target of the conspiracy.
    • Killed because Dwight was returning fire and not specifically targeting him.

Cover-Up[edit | edit source]

  • Hai Sun
    • Thirty-two year old Asian-American court clerk who did work for Judge Norris the previous year.
    • Had the combination to the evidence safe and access to the evidence inside such as Dwight's gun.
    • Was having an affair with Deputy Erin Simms.
    • Suspected of loading the gun and cutting the disabling wire for it.
    • Left work early the morning of the shooting and disappeared with her car, luggage and cat.
    • Found murdered in the Zyklon Brotherhood's apartment blocks.
    • Poisoned to death, likely resulting in her convulsions breaking her own spine.
    • Body moved from where she died.
    • Has a small tattoo of a heart with a Swastika in it that is over a year old.
    • Security footage shows ten Brotherhood members buying the exact same meal that killed her.
    • Confirmed by Patrick Cox to have been killed by Jordan Graff.

The Suspects[edit | edit source]

  • Dwight Darnell
    • Serial killer on trial for eight racially-motivated murders.
    • Opened fire in the courtroom, seriously wounding Doctor Joe Bowman and killing Deputy Erin Simms, DDA Barry Rosen, Marco Calderon and Assistant Chief Russell Taylor.
    • Shot by Sharon Raydor and later died of his wounds.
    • Mentioned in an interview with Doctor Joe that Jordan Graff was like a father to him while his real father is supposedly the power behind the Zyklon Brotherhood.
    • According to Wildred Darnell, Dwight's real father was a Marine he never met who died in Iraq.
    • According to Wes Nolan, Dwight worked as one of Brian Schultz's gofers until Jordan took over and started making true believers out of everyone.
    • Allowed Deputy Simms to sit in on his sessions with Doctor Joe.
    • According to Doctor Joe, Dwight started out by telling him that his father was dead and then switched to claiming that his father was a king in their third session.
    • Doubted by Doctor Joe to have mentioned his father to anyone else but Doctor Joe and because he was in the room, Simms.
    • According to his mother, he was not always a white power racist and used to have friends of all races.
    • Worked for former Brotherhood leader Brian Schultz in high school.
    • Started saying that his father was alive right after he got his new court-appointed attorney Marco Calderon.
    • Revealed to have been ordered by Simms to kill DDA Barry Rosen and Marco Calderon while Marco ordered him to kill Doctor Joe and Simms.
    • Revealed to be the son of Martin Borja, making Dwight himself mixed-race.
    • Used by his father to eliminate all the loose ends tying Martin to the Zyklon Brotherhood.
  • Deputy Erin Simms
    • Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy controlling Dwight's stun belt.
    • Described as a lifer with the Sheriff's Department trusted with high-powered prisoners such as Dwight, replacing court bailiffs during their trials.
    • Killed by Dwight during the courtroom shooting.
    • Recognized by Henry Colson who was shocked to learn that Dwight murdered him.
    • Was having an affair with court clerk Hai Sun who is suspected of loading the murder weapon and cutting the disabling wire.
    • Believed to be a conspirator in the courtroom shooting.
    • Witnessed Dwight's sessions with Doctor Joe Bowman and heard Dwight mention his father to Doctor Joe.
    • Has a 5,000 square foot residence in Cabo, $150,000 at his home and a bank account in Panama with over four million dollars in it.
    • Owns three burner phones, one of which was used to call Ava Jarvis several times before she ran away from the Witness Protection Program and was murdered.
    • Jammed the controls to Dwight's stun belt to allow the shooting.
    • Discovered to have deleted all but the last recording of the visits between Wildred Darnell and Jerry Vogel.
    • Revealed by Wildred Darnell to have refused to bring Dwight out to visit with her and instead introduced her to Jerry Vogel.
    • Revealed by Jerry Vogel to have ordered Jerry to act as the go-between for Wildred and Dwight.
    • According to Jerry, all of the Brotherhood members in County listen to Simms' orders.
    • According to Jordan Graff, Simms was the representative of his silent partner who he can't contact without Simms.
    • Forced Jordan to keep Bullhood Trucking.
    • Ordered Dwight to kill DDA Barry Rosen and Marco Calderon.
    • Killed to eliminate one of the few people who knew the true identity of Dwight's father.
  • Jan Adamms
    • Judge Richwood's court clerk.
    • Suspected of being part of the conspiracy as she had access to the murder weapon.
    • Signature determined to have been forged on the evidence bag and cleared of all wrongdoing.
  • Hai Sun
    • Thirty-two year old Asian-American court clerk who did work for Judge Norris the previous year.
    • Had the combination to the evidence safe and access to the evidence inside such as Dwight's gun.
    • Was having an affair with Deputy Erin Simms.
    • Loaded the gun used in the shooting and cutting the disabling wire for it.
    • Left work early the morning of the shooting and disappeared with her car, luggage and cat.
    • Found murdered in the Zyklon Brotherhood's apartment blocks.
    • Poisoned to death and body moved from where she was killed.
    • Has a small tattoo of a heart with a Swastika inside of it that is over a year old.
    • Murdered by Jordan Graff to cover up her role in the conspiracy.
  • Jordan Graff
    • The radical leader of the Zyklon Brotherhood gang.
    • Criminal attorney.
    • Claimed by Dwight Darnell to be helping the gang retake their fatherland.
    • Accosted Andy Flynn and Michael Tao outside of the Brotherhood apartment buildings threatening legal action.
    • Has no criminal record and no warrants out for his arrest, only a couple of arrests for civil disobedience.
    • According to Wes Nolan, shoved his way to the top of the Brotherhood after the death of Brian Schultz, pushing Hart Colson out of the way.
    • After taking over, scaled back the drug dealing and gun running and started focusing more on white power.
    • Trained the gang to defend themselves in court.
    • Is suspected to have a silent partner somewhere.
    • Represents Jerry Vogel pro bono and ordered him to act as the go-between for the Brotherhood members in County.
    • Sees through Jerry's attempts to get him to talk and quits as his lawyer with an implicit threat to get protective custody.
    • Expresses confidence that the ten arrested Brotherhood members won't betray him and reveal what they know.
    • Confirmed by Patrick Cox to have orchestrated the murder of Hai Sun.
    • Ordered ten guys to collect the poisoned Thai food to create reasonable doubt.
    • Served on the Board of Directors for Bullhood Trucking and has been its Chief of Operations since the death of Brian Schultz.
    • Recognized by Mark Jarvis as having gone to Henry Colson's house to yell at his mother.
    • Insists that he had no part in the courtroom conspiracy and was forced to hang onto Bullhood Trucking by Simms.
    • Has no idea who his partner is and has no way of contacting him without Simms.
    • Is arrested for the murder of Hai Sun along with drug trafficking and arms dealing.
  • Jerry Vogel
    • Arrests for DUI in 1999, 2006 and 2013.
    • Serving an eleven year sentence for his third DUI and is the County Jail while appealing his sentence.
    • Represented by Jordan Graff pro bono.
    • Sideswiped a soccer mom in a minivan on the way to soccer practice causing her child to break a leg.
    • Low-security prisoner due to his DUI charge.
    • Not a member of the Aryan movement.
    • Works as an errand boy for the Zyklon Brotherhood in County in exchange for protection.
    • Visited several times by Wildred Darnell in jail with all but one of the recordings of the visits being erased by Deputy Simms.
    • Claimed during the last visit that Dwight didn't want to see his mother to stay strong for his trial.
    • According to Wildred, was introduced to her by Simms as someone who Dwight talked to sometimes when Simms refused to bring out Dwight.
    • Suspected to have been used by the Brotherhood to distract Wildred so she wouldn't talk Dwight down from his mission.
    • Agrees to talk after being threatened by a Brotherhood member in County, in reality undercover SIS Detective Wes Nolan.
    • Ordered by Simms to act as the go-between for Wildred and Dwight and ordered by Jordan Graff to act as the go-between for all of the Brotherhood in County.
    • Attempts to trick Jordan into revealing his role in the conspiracy but tips his hand by being too forceful.
    • Abandoned by Jordan as a client and told in a threatening manner to seek protective custody.
    • Listed on the murder board as a Person of Interest following his failure to get Jordan to implicate himself.
  • Wildred Darnell
    • Mother of Dwight Darnell.
    • Claims that Dwight's father is a Marine who died in Iraq that Dwight never knew and refuses to answer questions about him.
    • Lied about visiting her son in the County Jail where she met with Jerry Vogel instead when Dwight apparently refused to see her.
    • Reveals that Dwight was not always a radical white power racist and worked for Brian Schultz, the former leader of the Brotherhood, in high school.
    • Reveals that Simms prevented her from seeing Dwight in jail and sent Jerry Vogel instead.
    • Refuses to name Dwight's father, insisting that he is dead and had nothing to do with the conspiracy.
    • Lied about knowing both Brian Schultz and Jordan Graff.
    • Serves on the Board of Directors for Bullhood Trucking and works customer service and client relations at the company.
    • Reveals that Martin Borja is Dwight's father.
    • After getting Martin to confess, she murders him out of fear that he will buy his way out of trouble.
    • Is going to be turned over to the FBI to be placed into Witness Protection and to serve her sentence for killing Martin.
  • Patrick Cox
    • Member of the Zyklon Brotherhood.
    • Was expected to move up in the gang when Hart Colson took over but got pushed farther out instead under Jordan Graff.
    • His fingerprints were on the bag containing the food that poisoned Hai Sun.
    • Gives up the Zyklon Brotherhood in exchange for immunity and Witness Protection.
    • Confirms that Jordan Graff ordered the murder of Hai Sun.
    • States that Jordan sent ten guys to get the poisoned Thai food to create reasonable doubt.
    • Gives the LAPD all the information they need to shut down the Brotherhood's drug and gun running operation.
  • Marco Calderon
    • Dwight Darnell's court-appointed attorney.
    • Murdered in the courtroom shootout.
    • Aside from Deputy Erin Simms, the only outside person to have regular contact with Dwight.
    • Stepped up to take on Dwight's case after he bumped his previous court-appointed attorney.
    • Received a copy of Doctor's Joe's confidential notes on Dwight's evaluation.
    • Dwight started claiming that his father was alive right after Marco became his lawyer suggesting that Marco told him.
    • Didn't react during the shooting until Dwight turned the gun on him, showing that he knew the gun was loaded, just not that he would be a target.
    • Represented the drivers of Bullhood Trucking who were arrested for drug and weapons smuggling pro bono and got their cases thrown out.
    • Ordered Dwight to kill Deputy Erin Simms and Doctor Joe.
    • Killed to eliminate one of the few people who knew the true identity of Dwight's father.
  • Martin Borja
    • Developer partnering with the LA Housing Authority on all of the condemned Zyklon Brotherhood buildings.
    • Father of Dwight Darnell.
    • Secret partner of both Brian Schultz and Jordan Graff.
    • True mastermind behind the courtroom shooting intended to get rid of all the loose ends and everyone who knew his true identity.
    • Killed by Wildred Darnell after confessing to her out of fear that he would buy his way out of trouble.
    • His business will face a huge audit after his death.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

Closing the Case[edit | edit source]

Provenza reports to Sharon that while they haven't yet been able to connect Jordan Graff to the courtroom massacre, they have arrested his ten co-conspirators, connected them to the poisoned Thai food and Provenza expects one of them to eventually crack and turn on Jordan. However, while Jordan may have been involved in the murder of Hai Sun, Sharon finds it hard to believe that he is connected to the courtroom shooting. Sharon wonders what Jordan got out of the shooting and Julio points out that he got "the entire LAPD hopping up and down on his gang."

Sharon feels that in comparison to the courtroom conspiracy, the conspiracy to kill Hai Sun was "simple minded, ridiculous even." Dwight's murders were intelligently designed to conceal information by killing Doctor Joe, eliminate loose ends by killing Deputy Erin Simms and to stop a prosecutor who was close to uncovering the truth by killing DDA Barry Rosen, "all very deliberate." Sharon realizes that the murder of Marco Calderon doesn't fall into this pattern. Provenza points out that neither does Assistant Chief Taylor's murder, but Julio explains that Taylor was shooting at Dwight and Dwight just returned fire. Julio suggests that Dwight just hated Calderon who he had yelled at in court, but Sharon suggests that he was also a target of the conspiracy. Provenza recalls that Marco Calderon is the only outside person besides Simms who had regular contact with Dwight in jail. As Cynthia pulls Julio away, Provenza suggests that Marco might've been one of the loose ends and asks if Sharon thinks there is more. Looking at their board of Brotherhood suspects, Sharon admits that she thinks there is another loose end, one that they haven't considered and until now and one that is staring them straight in the face.

Discussing the situation, Tao finds it suspicious that Dwight tells Doctor Joe that his father is alive right after he gets a new court-appointed attorney, Marco Calderon. As his lawyer, Marco would've also received a copy of Doctor Joe's notes on Dwight's confidential evaluation. Tao suggests that he, Sykes and Julio can do a Lexus Nexus search on Marco's clients to see if there is any overlap with their case, which pleases Sharon. Buzz interrupts with the news that there may be some movement with one of their Brotherhood suspects. As Sharon heads for electronics, Fritz Howard brings the news that the LA Housing Authority and Martin Borja are planning to announce their plans regarding the redevelopment of the Brotherhood apartment buildings. To Sharon's surprise, Fritz reveals that Martin intends to set aside a parcel of land to create a park that he will name after Taylor. At Fritz's request, Sharon leads him into electronics where Wes Nolan is watching the interrogation of Patrick Cox alongside Buzz and Provenza.

The group watches as Andy Flynn and DDA Andrea Hobbs press Patrick to cooperate, offering him witness protection in exchange for his help and pointing out how Patrick's fingerprints connect him to the poisoned takeout food. Patrick doesn't dismiss the idea outright and Wes explains that Patrick is an old school Brotherhood legacy who was expected to move up with the Colson family. However, he is now further out of it than Wes with no way back up. Fritz asks Wes about how well he knows Patrick and Wes admits that he knows the man very well as they bowl and Wes sometimes drives him home when Patrick is too drunk to do it himself. Sharon suggests that Wes' presence in the interrogation could tip the balance in their favor, causing Wes to protest as he doesn't want to waste nearly six years of work and talking to Patrick will permanently blow his cover. "This whole gang is about to implode. We don't need you to work your way up, we need you to help take it down," counters Fritz. Sharon assures Wes that if he can get a good statement from Patrick implicating Jordan, his time in the Brotherhood will be extremely well-spent. After Provenza makes it clear that Wes doesn't have a choice, he reluctantly agrees to do what he can and leaves. After Wes is gone, Fritz notes that Wes may need help readjusting to a normal world once the case is over.

As Andy threatens to dig up Patrick's whole life and place him before a jury without an attorney, Wes enters to Patrick's surprise. Wes reveals that he is an undercover LAPD detective, shocking Patrick as he has known Wes for years. Andy, Wes and Hobbs press Patrick to cooperate, threatening that if Patrick doesn't help them, Wes will testify against him in court which would end badly for Patrick. Patrick finally agrees, telling them that if they have Wes on their side, the Brotherhood is "more screwed than we know." Patrick begins by stating that he was never conspiring to kill anyone and that he would never poison someone, especially not a girl and would never go nuts and shoot up a courtroom which Patrick calls "the stupidest thing of all" which Sharon agrees with.

Patrick agrees to tell them everything he knows about the Zyklon Brotherhood including all of the cities and towns where they distribute meth in exchange for immunity, a new identity and a new place to live "and I'll write every damn thing down and you can check it." Hobbs tells Patrick that as long as he doesn't implicate himself in murder or manslaughter and gives up Jordan Graff, the DA's office is fine with giving him immunity and witness protection. Prompted by Andy and Wes, Patrick explains that Hai Sun had shown up after the shooting and Jordan sent ten of them out to pick up the same takeout meal at the Thai place. When Patrick had asked why Jordan needed to send out ten people for the same food, Jordan had told him that it was in case he needed to create reasonable doubt. However, Patrick doesn't know for sure if Jordan gave the order for Dwight to shoot up the courtroom. While their old boss never would've given such an order, Jordan is very serious about white power. Patrick decides to go back to the beginning in order to make sure he tells them everything he knows and Fritz leaves ordering Sharon to let him know how it goes.

Sharon orders Buzz to transfer all of the video from the courtroom shooting to RACR while Patrick is talking to Andy, Wes and Hobbs. Watching the playback, Sharon orders Buzz to zoom in on Marco and slow down the playback. Buzz begins the playback without sound in slow-motion, narrating the shooting while Sharon watches Marco's reactions. As Sharon watches, she notices that Marco keeps his face covered until Dwight takes aim at him and has Buzz go back in slow-motion. Watching the playback closely, it becomes apparent that Marco only reacts when Dwight turns his gun on him. Sharon realizes that Marco knew that the gun was loaded, just not that Dwight would be using it on him.

After Patrick finishes his statement, Hobbs reports that she is not comfortable charging Jordan with murder or conspiracy to commit murder just based on Patrick's statement. Sharon agrees, but points out that it does give them a lot of information on the Brotherhood's illegal drug and weapons trade. Andy tells Hobbs that if they can corroborate Patrick's statement, the Brotherhood will be put out of business. However, Sharon feels that the destruction of the Zyklon Brotherhood will just be another loose connection that is severed. Provenza is surprised at the idea that the Brotherhood could be considered a loose connection and Sharon points out that Provenza himself stated that there are easier ways to kill Doctor Joe than shooting him on the stand. Andy comments that Patrick had also stated that it was stupid for the Brotherhood to shoot up the courtroom and questions what it got the Brotherhood. Provenza and Hobbs recognize that the shooting got the LAPD on their backs, the Brotherhood's property condemned and resulted in the police gaining a guide to the Brotherhood's drug and gun running operation. Buzz wonders who would've wanted the Brotherhood destroyed and Sharon responds that it was "someone who decided the Z's were a liability. Someone who had a lot to lose. Someone who was hopefully connected to Marco Calderon."

Julio reports that Dwight bumped his first court-appointed attorney and Marco showed up almost immediately to volunteer to advise him. Sykes reports that Marco mainly represented white-collar criminals, but according to Lexus Nexus, he also took on five or six pro bono cases a year, all for truck drivers who couldn't afford an attorney. Julio tells the other detectives and Hobbs about Carl Kubiak who was arrested for smuggling firearms and whose case Marco got thrown out as an illegal search. Sykes adds in the case of Mike Walton who was arrested by California Highway Patrol in Chatsworth for hiding ephedrine in his cargo. Again, Marco got it thrown out as an illegal search. Sharon recognizes that Marco has a history of saving people who are illegally trafficking drugs and weapons.

After Provenza points out that it connects Marco to the Brotherhood but not Dwight, Sykes tells him that it does connect Marco to Dwight as all the drivers Marco represented worked for the same company: Bullhood Trucking. For the past eighteen years Bullhood's Board of Directors has included Dwight's mother Wildred Darnell and the company's Chief of Operations Jordan Graff who replaced the Brotherhood's former leader Brian Schultz after his death two years before. Additionally, it means that Wildred knew both Brian Schultz and Jordan Graff and had lied about it. Hobbs suggests that they find out what routes Bullhood Trucking drives and through what cities while Sharon adds that they should also find out whose cargo they transport between Los Angeles and Mexico. Sykes promises that Tao is looking into that while Sharon asks Buzz to bring up the videos of the visitations between Dwight and Marco in County. While there won't be any sound, Sharon still wants to look at them.

In RACR, Tao displays Bullhood's regular routes and states that he has also gotten their manifests, inventories and bank finances. Tao explains that he got the information so quickly because when he ran the company's name, he discovered that the FBI has an open investigation into Bullhood Trucking. Despite its name, the company is owned in Panama and licensed to operate in Mexico and the United States. Without the preexisting FBI investigation, it would've taken months to track down its owners and Board of Directors. Andy and Provenza note that its just the sort of thing you would want if you were trafficking guns to Mexico and distributing meth across the southwestern US. Checking her notes, Hobbs states that the main cities that Bullhood services matches the cities identified by Patrick as the Brotherhood's distribution centers. Tao identifies Bullhood's legal cargo as UV glass and lumber to Mexico and green building materials, solar panels and cement coming back into the US. However, Bullhood's drivers are of all different races and the on the record connection to the Brotherhood is limited only to Jordan Graff and in the sixteen years before him, Brian Schultz. Hobbs states that Patrick's statement gives them probable cause and they can get a warrant for every Bullhood vehicle currently on the road. At Sharon's request, Andy promises to coordinate the operation with the California Highway Patrol though it may take a few hours to get started.

As Andy leaves, Buzz enters with Sykes with the news that he's gotten the video of Dwight and Marco's visitation and forwarded it to RACR. Buzz brings up a video of something that he found that might be interesting. In the video, Marco tells Dwight something that makes him extremely agitated before eventually calming down when Marco tells him something else. Sharon realizes that Marco gave Dwight some bad news that upset him and then somehow calmed him down. Provenza points out that they can't ask either man or Simms who is visible pacing outside of the room as all three men are dead. Tao suggests that Marco passed along an order that Dwight didn't like until he told him where it came from which got Dwight more interested. Sharon points out that for once it was a conversation that Simms wasn't allowed to hear. "Are you suggesting that Simms told Dwight to kill Calderon and then Calderon comes along and says hey, you have to kill Simms?" wonders Hobbs. Sharon agrees that that was how things could've gone down if Dwight trusted Marco's source, "but who was that source? Who would've profited from all of this?"

That night, Andy shares an interim report from the California Highway Patrol with Sharon. Three of Bullhood's trucks have been found to have disassembled M4's hidden in the lumber and two were caught coming back from Tijuana with ephedrine in cement bags. They now have enough evidence to charge Jordan with murder, smuggling firearms and drug distribution. Sharon points out that Bullhood's drivers will now need legal council and Marco Calderon is no longer available. Andy realizes that Sharon intends to call Jordan Graff in to act as the drivers' lawyer and calls her really sneaky for someone who worked Internal Affairs for most of her career.

The next morning, Jordan arrives at Major Crimes on the pretext of being brought in to represent one of the Bullhood drivers who was arrested for weapons smuggling. In the conference room, Mark Jarvis recognizes Jordan and becomes nervous, telling Julio that Jordan had come to Henry Colson's house once and yelled at his mother. Julio tells Mark that he must not tell anyone else that he knows Jordan Graff and explains to Mark why he can't, worried that Mark's life will be in danger if someone finds out.

Jordan is brought to an interrogation room by Andy and is surprised to find it empty except for Sykes, Provenza and a couple of officers who are there to keep Jordan from doing something stupid. Jordan realizes that he is the suspect and takes a seat as Sykes begins reading him his rights. Jordan stops Sykes' recitation stating that he doesn't need a lawyer and asks what he's being charged with. Provenza recites the list: drug trafficking, arms dealing and conspiracy to commit murder while Sykes tells him that it all comes from a statement given by one of his gang members. Jordan refuses to believe it, but Provenza explains that the previous night they stopped all of Bullhood's trucks and shows him pictures of the weapons and drugs they found inside. The detectives suggest that Jordan consider what they have found and what they will likely find when they search Bullhood itself. Fritz reports that SOB is ready for the search whenever they are.

Provenza and Sykes tell Jordan that its over and he's caught as Hai Sun's murder can be laid directly at his door, showing him pictures of Hai Sun's body and the Brotherhood members picking up the poisoned Thai food. Sykes warns that the murder could easily become a special circumstances case, meaning Jordan could face the death penalty for it and pushes him to realize that the sooner he cooperates, the better it will go for him. Provenza explains that they are still trying to figure out how Dwight managed to shoot so many people in the courtroom while Sykes explains that Hai Sun loaded the gun and Simms disabled the stun belt, but they still don't know who came up with the conspiracy.

Jordan insists that he had nothing to do with the courtroom shooting, surprising Buzz as Jordan is caught and he's still denying his role in the events. However, Tao points out that Jordan hasn't been the head of the gang for all that long and thus there may be members who are working for someone other than Jordan. Sharon realizes that if the Zyklon Brotherhood was meant to be a casualty of the conspiracy, then Jordan wouldn't know who was behind the shooting. Jordan demands a DA come in and lay out the evidence, telling them that they actually have to prove everything and from what he's seen so far, he's not going to prison. "But if there is stuff that I don't know or if there is something for which I might seem liable, I am open to listening to options." Watching the interrogation, Hobbs states that instead of making a deal with Jordan Graff, she thinks he deserves to be tried for the murder of Hai Sun by a jury of his peers, "but we'll see."

Provenza asks Jordan to tell them what Wildred Darnell does at Bullhood Trucking. Jordan states that she doesn't do much, just customer service, client relations "and she sits back and she collects a fat wad of money." Jordan admits that he doesn't even want the trucking company as its not exactly connected with his agenda, but Simms forced him to keep it after Brian Schultz died. Provenza asks if Simms was Jordan's partner, but Jordan tells him that Simms represented his partner who Jordan has never met, hasn't heard from since the courtroom shooting and has no way of contacting without Simms. Sharon recognizes that this is because Simms, Jordan and the Brotherhood are all loose ends that have now been effectively destroyed. Provenza asks about Wildred who Jordan indicated was a legacy that he was also forced to hang onto. However, Jordan tells them that if they want to know more about Wildred, they should ask her themselves and refuses to cooperate any further until they get a DA for him.

The LAPD launches a raid of Bullhood Trucking, armed with a search warrant. When one of the drivers gets up in an aggressive fashion, Andy forces him to calm down at gunpoint. The police arrest all of the truck drivers and employees at the warehouse and perform a search of the premises. In one of the offices, Sharon, Julio, Buzz and Sykes find a confused Wildred Darnell who is arrested for drug trafficking, weapons smuggling and the import of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute. Sharon tells Wildred that its time for Wildred to tell her who Dwight's father is. Though Wildred insists that the man has nothing to do with everything that's happened, Sharon is unconvinced.

In interrogation, Wildred insists that growing up without a father had a terrible effect on Dwight and his actions were the work of Jordan Graff while Dwight's father had nothing to do with it. Sharon and Sykes explain that Jordan radicalized Dwight which made Dwight useless for the future. Worse, Dwight's murders of the mixed-race couples made his father feel exposed. Dwight's father no longer wanted his go-between with the gang, Simms, who had lost control of them anyway and if Jordan got rid of the smuggling and Bullhood Trucking, no one needed to represent the drivers anymore, making Marco Calderon expendable. Tao points out that the only reason for Dwight's father to orchestrate a courtroom shooting and make it look like a Brotherhood terrorist attack is if he was terminating his closest associates.

Sharon asks Wildred to look at it another way: both Simms and Marco knew who Dwight's father was and they are now both dead. Tao tells her that Doctor Joe recently found out that Dwight's father is still alive and he's dead as well. DDA Rosen could've been following up on Doctor Joe's notes on Dwight's father still being alive and he's dead too. Sykes reminds Wildred that the Zyklon Brotherhood is destroyed and with it, all of the loose ends have been severed aside from Wildred herself. Sharon asks Wildred why she is the only one left and asks if Dwight's father is still in love with her and if Wildred is still in love with him and sees the man from time to time.

As Wildred continues to refuse to cooperate, Sharon asks if it would help Wildred to learn that Sharon already knows who Dwight's father is. Both Wildred and Fritz are shocked by the statement and Provenza admits that there are some very good clues as to Dwight's father identity. Tao and Sykes lay out the clues for Wildred: the cargo going to and from Mexico is limited to construction supplies. Additionally, they know someone in the building business who benefits when they get to partner with the LA Housing Authority when the Brotherhood moves into neighborhoods and becomes a menace, resulting in them being able to skip through the zoning process when the Brotherhood properties are condemned. "Has it ever occurred to you that if Dwight knew his father, if he met him even once, he might never have joined a gang of white-power racists?" questions Sharon. Wildred insists that they are wrong, calling Dwight's father by name for the first time: Martin. Fritz is shocked to realize that Martin Borja is Dwight's father, a fact that makes Dwight mixed-race. Julio explains that children of mixed-race couples don't always look like a combo and instead can greatly favor one parent or the other. Andy suggests that if Dwight resembled his father instead, he wouldn't have been so into the white-power movement.

Wildred continues to insist that it had to have been Jordan Graff behind the courtroom conspiracy and not Martin. Sharon points out that if it was Martin and not Jordan, Wildred is partly responsible for having hidden the truth about his origins from Dwight. Sharon tells Wildred that she's not going to make Wildred take her word for it and instead going to have Wildred check for herself. Sharon is going to invent a letter from beyond the grave to Wildred from Dwight containing what Dwight would've said about what happened and have Wildred run it by Dwight's father.

Wearing an LAPD wire, Wildred barges into Martin's office while he is in the middle of a phone call. Rejecting Martin's advances, Wildred claims to have received a letter late the previous night written by Dwight the day before he died and that had been given by Dwight to a prisoner who got it out of jail to Wildred. Wildred demands to know if Martin really had Simms order Dwight to shoot DDA Rosen and Marco and then had Marco order Dwight to shoot Simms and Doctor Joe. Alarmed, Martin asks where the letter is, but Wildred tells him that she's not stupid, especially if he really did arrange all of the murders and hid the letter in a place where it can be found if something happens to her. Martin insists that he would never hurt Wildred and he has done nothing but support and love her for the past twenty years. Wildred demands to know if she is next, pointing out that everyone else who knew about Martin and the Zyklon Brotherhood is dead. Watching the video, Fritz points out that Martin hasn't yet admitted anything and it is not a confession, but Sharon is confident that its about to be one.

As Martin insists that Wildred needs to trust him, Wildred angrily demands to know why she should when Martin had promised that he would give Dwight the trucking company one day and would make him a partner but instead allowed the Brotherhood to destroy him. "Dwight might've been a totally different person if he'd only been told who he was," comments Sharon. As Wildred continues to angrily confront Martin about his allowing Dwight to be turned into a killer, Martin tells her that her son was weak and ultimately better dead than alive while his sons are builders.

After Wildred claims that Martin never gave Dwight a chance, he explodes that he was going to give him the trucking company. "Look Wildred, how did I know that Schultz was gonna drop dead? Or that idiot Graff would end up in charge? Wildred, Dwight went off the rails. He'd already killed eight people, two of them children, before he entered that courtroom. I made the best use of him I possibly could and now we're out of the crime business. We're legit, its over. I know, I know losing Dwight was hard for you, I know it was. But he was already lost. Did you really want him caged up for the rest of his life? Is this not better?" Having gotten the confession they need, Sharon orders Tao, Andy, Sykes and Wes, positioned nearby, to prepare to take Martin Borja into custody.

Growing more and more enraged during Martin's confession, Wildred pulls a gun out of one of the drawers in Martin's desk and turns it on him as Sharon quickly warns that there is a gun in office and orders all officers to respond to Boja Towers. Though Martin tries to talk Wildred down, she refuses as she is afraid that Martin will find a way to buy himself out of trouble. To the shock of the watching detectives, Wildred shoots Martin four times in the chest and then twice more in the head while he is lying on the ground, killing him. Moments later, Tao and Wes burst in, followed shortly afterwards by Andy and Sykes and disarm Wildred and arrest her for Martin's murder. Fritz is left worried by the fact that Wildred killed Martin while wearing an LAPD wire while Provenza thinks that Martin was right: this was the best possible ending after all. However, Sharon is not convinced of this commenting "tell that to Wildred Darnell."

In the aftermath of Martin Borja's death, Fritz reveals that Wes will be testifying against different members of the Zyklon Brotherhood for at least the next couple of years and asks for Wes to remain with Major Crimes. Sharon agrees that Wes might be a good fit with the team. Buzz asks if the LAPD is in trouble because Wildred shot Martin while in their custody, but Fritz tells them that he had a talk with Martin's wife and she has agreed not to sue the LAPD. Martin's wife understands that a huge audit of his business is coming and she will want to save what she can of his assets for their children. Tao points out that Mrs. Borja is probably not too anxious to talk about her husband's mistress either. Wes asks what will happen to Wildred and Sharon suggests turning her over to the FBI who are already doing a big investigation into Bullhood Trucking. Sykes and Julio agree as Wildred will get a new identity, a nice prison cell and a parole date and will not have to make her allocution in LA. Sykes can now also announce that Doctor Joe is still alive since everybody who wanted him dead is gone.

Guest Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Jaime Ray Newman (Wildred Darnell)
  • Brent Manley (Gabe Jones)

Recurring[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Episode Notes[edit | edit source]

Buzz's Investigation[edit | edit source]

  • Using a program to age Bill Jones' high school picture and running a search on social media, Buzz is able to locate what is likely the right man. However, the program he used is inadmissible in court and they need Bill's fingerprints to confirm his identity.
  • Rusty is able to use Bill's Facebook page to locate the car dealership Bill works at and goes undercover as a prospective car buyer to successfully obtain Bill's fingerprints.
  • After the fingerprints Rusty obtained match the fingerprints on file from Bill's juvenile record, Buzz and Provenza go to arrest Bill Jones. After discovering Bill has a family, Buzz hesitates but ultimately places Bill under arrest for the murders of his father and uncle. Bill goes without a fight and is allowed to say goodbye to his family.
  • Buzz later informs Rusty and Gus who watched the arrest from a distance that Bill Jones confessed to the murders and will take a deal of life without parole. However, Buzz is left troubled that he left two children fatherless by arresting Bill Jones.

Andy's Health[edit | edit source]

  • At the end of the episode, Andy Flynn suffers a heart attack. Beforehand, he displays symptoms showing that there is something wrong which he ignores in favor of solving the case.

Continuity Errors[edit | edit source]

  • On the board at the beginning Dwight Darnell is listed as DOA or Dead On Arrival. In “White Lies, Part 1”, Provenza stated that Darnell died on the operating table a few minutes before rather than being pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Job Changes[edit | edit source]

  • At he end of the episode, Detective Wes Nolan is transferred to the Major Crimes Division.
  • After the case is solved, Fritz, Sharon and Provenza discuss the job of Assistant Chief which is now open with the death of Russell Taylor. Though, Fritz is Acting Assistant Chief, Provenza predicts that there will be many candidates for the job, two of which are likely to be Fritz and Sharon who both agree that they are happy with their current jobs.

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Episode Media[edit | edit source]


The Long Shadow Pt. 13

Identity by Rusty Beck

Buzz and Rusty discuss the closing of the case and the impact it has had on them both.

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