Title The Other Woman
Series The Closer
Season 2
Episode 10
Airdate August 14, 2006
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Written by Steven Kane
Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter
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Whatever happened to good old-fashioned alcohol? I mean, sure, it rots your liver and you're a pain in the ass at parties, but it takes you twenty years before you look as bad as this girl.

— Provenza

An heiress constantly in and out of rehab is found shot to death in her home, but the investigation takes a strange turn when the victim is found alive. Meanwhile, Brenda testifies for Pope in his custody hearing, but finds that his soon to be ex-wife's lawyer has dug up some secrets from her relationship with Pope.

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Marianne Elzey

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Gennifer's drug of choice was crystal meth a crystalline street form of the prescription drug methamphetamine. Initially, use of crystal meth brings on a sense of euphoria along with a heightened feeling of alertness and lucidity. However, the long-term effects include hallucinations, paranoia, mood swings and rages, pain inhibition and nervous repetitive behaviors - all of which Gennifer exhibited.

Although not physically addictive, crystal meth is highly psychologically addictive. Generally crystal meth is produced in clandestine mobile "meth labs," and one common route of distribution has been by biker gangs, thus Gennifer's connection to them in the story.

Gennifer had just been released from rehab in Palm Springs just prior to the murder that opened the episode. No doubt this alluded to the best known rehab facility in the area, the Betty Ford Center at the Eisenhower Medical Center in tony Rancho Mirage, immediately south of Palm Springs. The Betty Ford Center, named for President Gerald Ford's wife, who founded it, has long been a rehab center of choice for wealthy, high-profile patients, particularly since Elizabeth Taylor's stay in the late 80's. Recently, its low-frills approach has seen it fall from favor among celebrities but take on much more difficult cases, such as Gennifer's.

Gabriel describes Sammy as driving north on the 405 freeway from Newport Beach to Los Angeles. Newport Beach is a wealthy, conservative community in northern Orange County. The main arterial freeway between Orange County and much of Los Angeles is Interstate 405 (or as it's known locally, "the 405"). The 405 follows the coastline northwest through Long Beach and western Los Angeles, connecting with freeways leading to the communities surrounding LA as well as to downtown LA before meeting Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles.

In reality, Sammy would not likely have used the 405 for his whole trip, but instead exited onto I-110, another arterial freeway, which would have taken him to US-101, the freeway that bisects Hollywood, where Gennifer lived.

The "Tom Blanchard" character is a composite based on a number of LA-based very high-profile attorneys who specialize in handling celebrity cases, such as Mark Geragos, Thomas Mesereau and Robert Shapiro.


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