Title Tapped Out
Series The Closer
Season 5
Episode 6
Airdate July 13, 2009
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Written by Adam Belanoff
Directed by Adam Arkin
Guests Andrew Daly
Previous episode Half Load
Next episode Strike Three
Episode list Season 5
Am I to understand that you handed over all the evidence, including the gun, to a Detective Dick Tracy?

— Brenda Leigh Johnson

In order to gain some insight to the MCD's methods, Pope works as a member of the team when it investigates the murder of an internet matchmaker.

The VictimEdit

Mark Bernstein

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Closing the CaseEdit

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Episode NotesEdit

  • Dick Tracy returns in the Major Crimes episode "Frozen Assets" where he works as a security guard for the dog of a murdered rich woman. He is stated to have been committed to a mental institution following this episode, but was eventually released. To Flynn and Provenza's annoyance, they have to work with him again to solve the murders of the rich woman and her dog. Many references are also made to this episode when they discuss what Dick Tracy did the last time they saw him.


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