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The theme for Season One is a woman alone. According to James Duff, this season explored Brenda's experience as a woman in leadership of men and in a male-dominated profession, as a woman from another part of the country coming to a city she doesn't know, and as a single woman. In his blog, Duff notes that the sixth episode of the season, Fantasy Date fully articulates the theme, examining how vulnerable women are when they are alone.

Brenda's StoryEdit

The season begins with Brenda's arrival at a crime scene, known only to her team as the new as yet unseen officer in charge with the unusually lofty rank of Deputy Chief. She soon learns she is an unpopular choice for the job, not only because she's a woman from the outside, but because she displaced a career LAPD officer. She quickly incurs the enmity of Robbery-Homicide Captain Russell Taylor, who she replaces, and who has organized a mass resignation by her team. A brighter spot in her life is the re-emergence of FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard, to whom she quickly finds herself attracted, and who returns her feelings.

With the guarded support of her boss (and former lover), Assistant Chief Will Pope, Brenda takes charge of her new team and sets about showing them what she can do. She also develops a relationship with her young assistant, Sgt. David Gabriel, who becomes her first and closest ally. Slowly, the team comes around with the exception of Lt. Andy Flynn, planted on her team by Taylor to stir up trouble. As the season ends, Brenda earns the loyalty and respect of her team, even the reluctant Flynn, who rally around her as Taylor makes his final play to discredit her.


Reflecting Brenda's storyline, many of the season's episodes explore issues surrounding women and women's power, as well as how men seek to repress women. The season begins with Brenda assuming the power of a Deputy Chief, supplanting a resentful man. Early episodes explore how artifice and the beauty industry (About Face), prostitution (The Big Picture) and online dating (Fantasy Date) can both empower and demean women. As Brenda grows stronger in her role as Chief of Priority Homicide, episodes examine how women struggle out of conventional roles, as in an Islamic marriage (LA Woman) or act within them (Good Housekeeping). Throughout the season, the vulnerability of women is a recurring theme in episodes such as Fatal Retraction and Show Yourself.

Episode List: 2005 Edit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
101 Pilot James Duff Michael M. Robin June 13, 2005 #101

102 About Face James Duff Michael M. Robin June 20, 2005 #102

103 The Big Picture Nancy Miller Elodie Keene June 27, 2005 #103

104 Show Yourself Wendy West Michael M. Robin July 4, 2005 #104

105 Flashpoint Rick Kellard Craig Zisk July 11, 2005 #105

106 Fantasy Date Roger Wolfson Greg Yaitanes July 18, 2005 #106

107 You Are Here Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny Gloria Muzo July 25, 2005 #107

108 Batter Up James Duff Arvin Brown August 1, 2005 #108

109 Good Housekeeping Wendy West Michael M. Robin August 8, 2005 #109

110 The Butler Did It Rick Kellard Tawnia McKiernan August 15, 2005 #110

111 LA Woman Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny Rick Wallace August 22, 2005 #111

175px Fatal Retraction Story by James Duff
Teleplay by Wendy West & Roger Wolfson
Gloria Muzo August 29, 2005 #112

113 Standards and Practices James Duff Michael M. Robin September 5, 2005 #113

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