Rick Zuman
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Vital statistics
Name Rick Zuman
Profession Small business owner
Gender Male
Notability Serial killer
Played by Peter Paige

Rick Zuman is a cocaine dealer, money launderer and serial killer who appeared in Old Money.

History[edit | edit source]

Rick worked in the 90's running a small business and dealing cocaine with business partners that he would eventually kill off. In 1995 he killed an FBI informant and stole the 400 thousand dollars that the informant gave him. One year later he killed his two new business partners and the murders were investigated by Andy Flynn. Rick claimed he had an alibi for the murders in the form of his bookkeeper Floria Stenzel. Andy interrogated her and eventually revealed that Rick lied and he was convicted of murdering his two partners.

In 2009, He recruited a man named Jeff Darby to handle his money and he bribed Floria to recant her testimony and to say she was coerced by Andy into changing her story. Over the next two years he started building his case for a retrial using Floria and Andy's past allegations to his advantage. He later met a man in county named Bob Harris who he hired to kill Andy to make sure he couldn't testify. Jeff and Bob went Andy's AA meeting where Jeff stalled him while Bob goes in for the kill. They failed however and Major Crimes started looking at Rick for the crimes. After they found witnesses and evidence that connected him to his various crimes Major Crimes make sure he never got out of prison.

Modus Operandi[edit | edit source]

Rick would find someone in need of some fast cash and approach him/her with a business opportunity to buy some cocaine and double the money they give him. After he bought and sold the drugs and his partners come looking for their share Rick would kill them and make it look like an overdose. When he was in prison he used a man named Jeff Darby to hire someone to kill the investigating officer for him.

Known Victims[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous unnamed business partners
  • Unnamed FBI informant (killed in 1995)
  • Two unnamed business partners (killed in 1996)
  • Andy Flynn (ordered his death from prison in 2011; failed)
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