Title Out of Focus
Series The Closer
Season 2
Episode 6
Airdate July 17, 2006
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Written by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveney
Directed by Michael M. Robin
Previous episode To Protect & to Serve
Next episode Head Over Heels
Episode list Season 2
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When a paparazzo is killed at a no-tell hotel for the rich and famous, Brenda finds a likely suspect in a famous moviestar covered by a brick wall of legal defense.

The VictimEdit

  • Anthony Larsen, paparazzo

The SuspectsEdit

  • Whit Coleman, movie star
  • José Diaz, Whit's lover
  • Elvis Presley, Whit Coleman's stalker
  • Hoyt, Whit Coleman's bodyguard


Closing the CaseEdit

Brenda's StoryEdit

Guest CastEdit

Guri Weinberg - Nicholas Costa

Dale Dickey - Anna Larsen

Eddie Jemison - Elvis Presley

Ray Wise - Tom Blanchard

Roland Kickinger - Hoyt


Episode NotesEdit

Provenza rather insistently corrects the use of "paparazzi" to identify the murdered photographer, insisting the term is "paparazzo". And he's right: in Italian, the plural form of a masculine noun ends in the letter i, but the singular form, such as would be used in referring to the victim, ends in the letter o. This scene, along with one in Aftertaste suggest Provenza has at least a working, and perhaps somewhat sophisticated, knowledge of both French and Italian.

In the episode, Lt. Tao lists the assumed names used by celebrities staying in the hotel, a common practice.

  • Archibald Leach was the assumed name used by Whit Coleman. A famous leading man during the "Golden Age" of Hollywood, movie-goers knew Archie Leach better as Cary Grant. Whit Coleman probably chose the name because of the long-held belief Cary Grant was a closeted bisexual man and the long-time lover of Randolph Scott, also believed to be a closeted bisexual actor.
  • The mention of Norman Bates has a murderous connection as well. Perhaps the most infamous of all characters created by the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, Bates was the operator of the fictional Bates Motel in the movie Psycho. Bates brutally murders one of his guests (played by Janet Leigh) while assuming the personality of his own deceased mother. The character was inspired in part by a real-life serial killer, and was portrayed by Anthony Perkins, himself a bisexual actor.


While there are alternate explanations for this, the name "Provenza" is Italian and is the regional name for someone from Provence, a region of southeastern France on the Mediterranean adjacent to Italy. As a border region, citizens from Provence often speak both Italian and French.

Episode MediaEdit