Title No Good Deed
Series The Closer
Season 2
Episode 12
Airdate August 28, 2006
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Written by James Duff & Wendy West
Directed by Charles Haid
Previous episode Borderline
Next episode Overkill
Episode list Season 2
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A boy who was about to exonerate a convicted double-murderer is shot to death in the street and the PHD suspect that the actual killer is the one responsible.

The VictimEdit

  • Carl Nelson, high school student

The SuspectsEdit


Closing the CaseEdit

Brenda's Story: Popes ex-wife announces to Brenda Team That Brenda & Pope Had An Affair.  Edit

Guest CastEdit


Episode NotesEdit


Brenda's cell phone ring tone is "Für Elise" (German: "For Elise"), by Ludwig van Beethoven. This is the popular name of the Bagatelle in A Minor, a famous piece of music for solo piano.

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