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The theme for this season is fairness. The first season will explore how fair life can, or cannot be, both professionally and personally. The season opens with Provenza believing he would be in charge of Major Crimes, only to be unceremoniously replaced by Captain Raydor, leaving him questioning the fairness of this turn in his career. At the same time, Raydor finds herself unfairly passed over for a promised promotion, forging a connection between the two.

Central to the theme is the fairness of the new plea bargaining model proposed by Assistant Chief Taylor.  Unlike Brenda, whose training makes her adept at getting confessions, Sharon Raydor is more pragmatic about how to send the bad guys to jail, and sees a plea bargain as a means to close the cell door behind them. 

Episode List: 2012 Edit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
MC101 Reloaded James Duff Michael M. Robin August 13, 2012 #101
The Major Crimes Division investigates a series of grocery store robberies when the Special Investigation Section (SIS) surveillance operation targeting one of the robbers turns deadly.

MC102 Before and After Steven Kane Steve Robin August 20, 2012 #102
The Major Crimes Division adjusts to its new member while investigating the murder of a fitness guru.

MC103 Medical Causes Michael Alaimo Paul McCrane August 27, 2012 #103
The facts become blurry in a case involving a fatal car crash at a nightclub.

MC104 The Ecstasy and the Agony Adam Belanoff Arvin Brown September 3, 2012 #104
A homicide case involving the Israeli mob and a self-proclaimed "intuitive life strategist" leads Major Crimes to partner with the FBI.

MC105 Citizen's Arrest Duppy Demetrius David McWhirter September 10, 2012 #105
After the body of a young man is found, the squad must deal with anti-government radicals and a kidnapping.

MC106 Out of Bounds Ralph Gifford & Carson Moore Rick Wallace September 17, 2012 #106
The squad's investigation of a possible gang murder puts Sykes in danger. Sharon tries to convince Rusty to meet his father.

MC107 The Shame Game Leo Geter Leo Geter September 24, 2012 #107
The squad investigates a murder that has political connections. Rusty must deal with the appearance of his biological father who he doesn't want to see.

MC108 Dismissed with Prejudice Jim Leonard Jon Tenney October 1, 2012 #108
Major Crimes reinvestigates a case Tao worked in 2004 when the conviction is overturned. Meanwhile, Rusty meets his father for the first time.

MC109 Cheaters Never Prosper Mike Berchem Stacey K. Black October 8, 2012 #109
The Major Crimes squad gets involved in the case of a murdered police officer and an identity theft ring. At the same time, Rusty is set to spend a weekend with his biological father who's behavior has Raydor increasingly worried.

MC110 Long Shot Michael Alaimo Sheelin Choksey October 15, 2012 #110
The Major Crimes Division works with the FBI to catch a sniper who kills a judge during a ceremony and may be on the hunt for an eyewitness who can identify him.



No. Title Original air date Viewers
(in millions)
(Adults 18–49)
Rank per week
on Cable
1 Reloaded August 13, 2012 7.18 1.2 #2
2 Before and After August 20, 2012 5.40 0.9 #1
3 Medical Causes August 27, 2012 5.74 0.9 #8
4 The Ecstasy and the Agony September 3, 2012 5.87 1.0 #2
5 Citizen's Arrest September 10, 2012 4.96 0.9 #6
6 Out of Bounds September 17, 2012 4.67 0.8 #3
7 The Shame Game September 24, 2012 4.30 0.8 #4
8 Dismissed with Prejudice October 1, 2012 4.17 0.7 #21
9 Cheaters Never Prosper October 8, 2012 4.33 0.7 #21
10 Long Shot October 15, 2012 5.13 0.9 #11
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