Seal of the Los Angeles County District Attorney

The District Attorney of Los Angeles County prosecutes felony and misdemeanor crimes that occur within the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County, California.


District Attorney Lacey

The current District Attorney of Los Angeles County is Jackie Lacey. She has served as the District Attorney since December 3, 2012.

Some misdemeanor crimes are prosecuted by local city attorneys. City attorneys prosecute minor misdemeanors and infractions that are violations of the municipal code governing the incorporated cities (e.g. Los Angeles) within the county.

District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation Edit


Patch of the Bureau of Investigation

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has employed detectives to investigate and/or assist in the prosecution of criminal cases since at least 1891.

Currently the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation has approximately 300 peace officers and it is the county’s fourth largest law enforcement agency.

The Bureau functions primarily to provide prosecution support to deputy district attorneys. It also has substantially staffed units with original jurisdictional responsibilities such as investigating local government corruption, complex frauds, and organized crime syndicates. Its staff also assists other law enforcement agencies with vehicular and electronic surveillance, undercover operations and photographic services.

In the last episode of The Closer, "The Last Word", Brenda Leigh Johnson leaves the Los Angeles Police Department for a job as Chief of the Bureau of Investigation. She also took David Gabriel with her to act as a liaison officer to the LAPD.

In the "Hindsight" arc of Major Crimes, one of the murder victims in the Reese Murders is DA Investigator Eric Dunn who was acting as a bodyguard for DDA Rachel Gray during the murder trial of Daniel Price. Both were shot to death during the Price trial, ultimately determined to be killed by Eric's own wife Stephanie Dunn due to Eric and Rachel's affair.

Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office personnel in the Major Crimes Universe Edit

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