Title Junk in the Trunk
Series The Closer
Season 4
Episode 12
Airdate February 2, 2009
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Written by Duppy Demetrius & Leo Geter
Directed by Scott Ellis
Previous episode Good Faith
Next episode Power of Attorney
Episode list Season 4
Chief, if you're going to ask me to go in there with you, I'd like to request just one more day chained to my desk.

— Detective Julio Sanchez

When an obese jewelry store manager recently caught robbing his workplace on camera is found dead in the trunk of a car, Brenda goes up against a slippery suspect who has an answer to every question.

The VictimEdit

  • Phil Adams, jewelry store manager

The SuspectsEdit

  • Keith Reyes, a cross-dressing "illusionist" working on a cruise ship as an entertainer


Closing the CaseEdit

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