Title Fatal Retraction
Series The Closer
Season 1
Episode 12
Airdate August 29, 2005
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Written by Story by James Duff
Teleplay by Wendy West and Roger Wolfson
Directed by Gloria Muzo
Previous episode LA Woman
Next episode Standards and Practices
Episode list Season 1
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When woman for whose murder a psychopath on death row was convicted years ago turns up freshly dead of a drug overdose, Brenda reinvestigates the case to find out who actually was killed.

The VictimEdit

  • "Lisa Barnes"; real name, Samantha Jones

The SuspectsEdit

  • Bill Croelick, murder suspect
  • Andy Flynn
  • Anthony Easton, psychologist
  • Roy Barnes, Lisa Barnes' husband
  • Kimberly Barnes, Roy's current wife


Closing the CaseEdit

Brenda's StoryEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Jason O'Mara (Bill Croelick)
  • Jefferson Mays (Dr. Anthony Easton)
  • Tim Griffin (Roy Barnes)
  • Stephanie Childers (Kimberly Barnes)
  • Lorraine Toussaint (Deputy D.A. Janet Powell)
  • Larry Cedar (Dr. Nelson Graydon)


Episode NotesEdit

  • Brenda speculates sarcastically whether a victim trained for her alleged suicide with the Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil is a Montreal-based circus/acrobatics troupe known for their modern approach to the circus, mixed with dance, acrobatics and music.
  • Gabriel makes reference to a suspect being "ready for [their] close-up", a play on the famous line from the film Sunset Blvd.
  • Flynn permanently transfers to Priority Homicide.


Episode MediaEdit