NOTE: The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) featured in the Major Crimes Universe is fictional but it's loosely based on the organization of the real LAPD from 2005, the year The Closer premiered. As such, it's presumed that the organization of the Detective Bureau is also mostly from 2005.

The Detective Bureau (DB) of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) provides functional leadership for detective operations citywide, including all specialized detective functions assigned to the Detective Bureau and the 21 geographic detective divisions throughout the city.

Command Edit

The command of the Detective Bureau, including the Chief of Detectives and all divisional commanding officers, is currently unknown.

Divisions of the Detective Bureau Edit

Commercial Crimes Division Edit

The Commercial Crimes Division (CCD) is responsible for investigations into frauds, computer crimes, financial crimes, and certain select burglary, theft, auto theft, and robbery crimes, as well as enforcing the rules and regulations governing pawnshops, junk dealers, and any other business handling secondhand merchandise.

Detective Support Division Edit

The Detective Support Division (DSD) is responsible for investigating missing persons, hate crimes, threats made to public officials/prominent persons, and aggravated stalking. The division is also responsible for enforcing firearm laws and processing concealed firearm license applications.

Juvenile Division Edit

The Juvenile Division (JUV) is responsible for juvenile narcotics enforcement, child abuse and child exploitation investigations, overseeing the Department's youth programs, and providing Department-wide juvenile advice, consulting, and training.

Narcotics Division Edit

The Narcotics Division (ND) is responsible for monitoring narcotic enforcement efforts on a citywide basis and investigating major occurrences involving narcotics and dangerous drugs which are illegally manufactured, supplied, or distributed; and investigating major suppliers and distributors of narcotics or dangerous drugs who are engaged in illegal activities on an organized, commercial basis.

Vice Division Edit

The Vice Division (VD) is responsible for enforcement of vice activities such as gaming, bookmaking, pornography, and prostitution. The division also investigates community problems and addresses Alcoholic Beverage Control issues, and provides oversight, training, and support to all LAPD entities regarding vice enforcement.

Robbery-Homicide Division Edit

The Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD) is responsible for investigating select homicides, bank robberies, serial robberies, extortions, sexual assaults, human trafficking, kidnapping, incidents that result in injury or death to an officer, and threats against officers.

Investigative Analysis Unit Edit

The Investigative Analysis Unit (IAU) is responsible for researching, developing and implementing improvements in investigative techniques and procedures, used by investigative officers. IAU also provides administrative and technical support to DB.

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