The obstacles that you're talkin' about are the justice system and I can't create charges out of thin air. I need an evidence.

— Brenda Leigh Johnson

Brenda investigates the case of a female police officer who denied being a victim of spousal abuse prior to her husband being shot by a cop answering a domestic disturbance call. Meanwhile, Fritz has news that could change his and Brenda's life together.

The Victim[edit | edit source]

  • Detective Ally Moore
    • FID detective under Captain Sharon Raydor's command.
    • Apparently being abused by her husband Shawn Moore.
  • Shawn Moore
    • Detective Ally Moore's supposedly abusive husband.
    • Claimed to have been killed in self-defense by Sergeant Ryan Dunn.
    • Murdered by his wife in a plot to get the mortgage insurance on their house.

The Suspects[edit | edit source]

  • Shawn Moore
    • Supposedly abusing his wife Detective Ally Moore.
    • Claimed by Sergeant Ryan Dunn to have fired at him, forcing Dunn to kill him.
  • Sergeant Ryan Dunn
    • First responding officer to Detective Ally Moore's 911 call.
    • Supposedly killed Shawn Moore in self-defense.
    • Was having an affair with Ally and was manipulated by her to cover up the murder.
    • Lost his job though not his freedom over his actions as he was duped and didn't conspire with Ally.
  • Detective Ally Moore
    • FID detective under the command of Captain Sharon Raydor.
    • Faked being abused by her husband to murder him.
    • Was having an affair with Sergeant Ryan Dunn.
    • Murdered her husband to collect their mortgage insurance and covered it up with Dunn's help.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Andy Flynn humorously depicts Captain Sharon Raydor as the Wicked Witch of the West on the murder board. While originally starting as a simple stick figure, it grows to include a broomstick added by Provenza and later a house over her head. At one point when Sharon is in the room, Commander Russell Taylor hides the drawing from sight by placing a picture over it so that Sharon doesn't see it but he uncovered it again once she left the room.

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