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Detective Camila "Cami" Paige is assigned to the LAPD's Major Crimes Division during Major Crimes from Season 6, “Conspiracy Theory, Part 1”​​​ onward.

During her introduction, Paige was assigned to the Missing Persons Unit of the Detective Support Division. She was on loan to the Major Crimes Division during the investigation into the disappearance of the "St. Joseph's Three" (“Sanctuary City, Part 1” through “Sanctuary City, Part 5”).

Character information[]

Character background[]

Camila's parents were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver when she was twenty. During this time, she met Lt. Provenza who arrested her parents' killer and remained a friend of the family during the trial. Camila has five younger siblings and since she’s the oldest, she had to raise them all by herself after the accident. Her siblings are all currently in or through college. Now lives in the Highland Park neighborhood.

She made a name for herself in the Criminal Intelligence Division, becoming a favorite of then-Commander Leo Mason. She transferred to the Missing Persons Unit (MPU) sometime between Season 4 and Season 5 of Major Crimes. At the time of her introduction, she is assigned to the MPU and was noted to have become exceptional at finding teenagers.

Season 6[]

In “Sanctuary City, Part 1”​​​, Chief Mason assigned Camila to help the Major Crimes Division in the investigation into the disappearance of the "St. Joseph's Three", although she was under the impression that Commander Raydor had requested her. Mason noted that Camila is still working out how to be a part of a team and she is shown to lack some manners, interrupting her superiors and acting without their approval, like when she called out to a female friend of the missing children to call her, over the objections of her overprotective and racist father.

In “Sanctuary City, Part 2”​​​, Camila kept interrupting Commander Raydor while she spoke and this understandably raised some eyebrows in the division although no one said anything about this to her. She seems to not notice how her behavior might not be acceptable in a team environment, especially when in presence of higher ranking officers. At one point, she asked Det. Wes Nolan why everybody keeps putting money in a jar on Provenza's desk, leading Nolan to tell her that it's payment for the use of his printer. Nolan also told her to never sit on Provenza's desk and even though she understands the way Commander Raydor thinks, she should let her speak first considering she's in charge. Later, when the squad went to serve a search warrant to the house of Ian Nuñez, he resisted the search leading him to assault Camila; she responded by punching him in the face, breaking his nose in the process.

In “Sanctuary City, Part 5”​​​, Camila was able to determine that the boys had been going to meet the LA Lakers when they were abducted. She later attended the wedding of Sharon Raydor and Andy Flynn and expressed awe at how the Major Crimes Division "really are a family." Chief Mason asked Camila if she would like to be a part of that family, offering her a transfer to the division.

In “Conspiracy Theory, Part 1”​​, Camila has transferred to Major Crimes and joins the investigation into the murder of a high-profile lawyer. Due to one of the suspects' taste in beautiful women, Camila and Sykes are sent to question him. Wes Nolan later tries to flirt with Camila unsuccessfully moments before they find a second victim.

In a deleted scene for “By Any Means, Part 4”​​​, Wes and Cami flirt while examining the Ms. Bechtel leading an annoyed Sykes to order them to figure out what's going on between them. The two are shown exchanging smiles during Julio's promotion ceremony.

Career information[]

Cami's badge

  • Cami's badge number is 36485.
  • When in uniform, Cami wears two service stripes on her uniform. Each stripe represents five years of service in the LAPD, meaning she has served for 10–14 years. (“By Any Means, Part 1”)​​
  • When Cami was seen in uniform in “By Any Means, Part 1”​, we see that her rank is Detective I; Detective I is the first detective rank available to officers if they pass their detectives exam and departmental interviews.

Medals and service awards worn by Det. Paige[]

As seen in “By Any Means, Part 1”:

Ribbon Award name and description
LAPD-Police-Commission-Distinguished-Service-Medal.png Police Commission Distinguished Service Medal

The Police Commission Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to officers who distinguish themselves by performing exceptional service to the LAPD or by performing in a stressful emergency situation with good judgement and bravery.

LAPD-Detective-Service-Ribbon.png Detective Service Ribbon

5 years of service in investigative units as a Detective and/or Lieutenant.

LAPD-Urban-Police-Rifle-Ribbon.png Urban Police Rifle Cadre Ribbon

Given to any LAPD officer who is qualified to use a Urban Police Rifle (usually a AR-15 variant chambered in .223)

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